Yes, we will get political here sometimes, too.

Occasionally, we’re going to get political on this tiny house blog. That’s because the current state of the country is at least part of the reason we don’t want to put down permanent roots here, instead setting up a life where we can move when we want to (and experiment with international living eventually). We make no secret that we have both gone from being conservative in our youth (I was a registered Republican for 18 years!) to now left-leaning progressives (backward, I know – aren’t you supposed to get conservative when you’re old?) and we try as often as possible to vote in the interest of the less privileged rather than our own self-interest. To say we have a dismal view of the current occupant of the White House would be the understatement of the decade.

If you haven’t heard – which I find nearly impossible – yesterday the New York Times did something they rarely do: they published an anonymous op-ed written by a senior White House official. Some call the author a traitor, a coward, and say he/she should attach a name and resign. Some say this is a dereliction of duty by not invoking the 25th amendment (part of me agrees and so does David Frum). I, Jess, am still processing this piece, and I may be in the minority, but I feel some degree of comfort knowing there are a few folks in the room trying to corral this madman and his impulses. I disagree, however, with virtually all of the “successes” and policy wins the author notes.

Todd sent me his response to the piece, posted below. I am biased but I appreciate his take and his addition of facts in his commentary – real ones, not “alternative facts”.

Note – Ryder, mentioned twice, is our two-year old nephew. I’ll let Todd take it from here in his (very brief) assessment of the Times op-ed and its possible author.


Must be Jared.  He’s a man of principle.

While I don’t support the administration’s achievements he cites: effective deregulation (because our economy was so stifled under all that red tape [16.4% annually under Obama] we needed the wealthy to avoid the unnecessary costs of not shitting all over Ryder’s generation’s air and water), tax “reform” (which didn’t reform anything just temporarily reduced taxes on to three remaining middle class families, permanently cut taxes on the wealthy, cut taxes on corporations so they can buy back their stock – more money for the upper class! – while kicking the national debt can down the road to a hopefully more fiscally responsible generation — Ryder’s), and a more robust military (because what if every other nation got together and tried to invade our beaches? We’d want to have enough firepower to kill all them three times and ourselves twice.  Let’s just hope to they don’t attack us on the cyber-front.  Our crusty old leaders don’t know why Facebook is just giving away their services) – at least there is someone leading granddaddy around the West Wing making sure he doesn’t push the red button that produces a free can of Coke.

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